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Know your Oats: Which oats are best for you?

by True Elements 16 Feb 2024

Today, the food industry often confuses us with the same meaning for different foods even though their nutritional value and composition are different.One such food is Oats- there are different types of Oats. Different varieties of Oats are available in the market today, each with its own pros and cons. Oat varieties are distinguished based on how much processing the oat grain undergoes.

Steel Cut Oats

Steel-cut oats are the least processed oats and take longer to cook. In steel-cut oats the inner edible kernel is removed and further chopped into pin-sized pieces. They also have a strong flavour and chewy consistency. If you want to lose weight, Steel oats are better as they are least processed and have comparatively higher fibre content. They are also best suited for diabetic patients as the glycemic index is lower and does not spike up sugar levels. Steel-cut oats take longer to digest and thus keep you fuller for longer. m dolorem.

True Elements Steel Cut Oats - healthy khichidi, diabetic friendly

Rolled Oats

They are lightly processed oats that are dehusked before getting processed into flakes. As the same suggests they are processed under rollers to flatten the grain. They even absorb more water and are quicker to cook as compared to Steel-cut oats. Rolled oats are easily digested and absorbed by the body.They are considered the most versatile variety of Oats, as multiple recipes can be prepared with Rolled Oats as the hero ingredient.

Instant Oats

These types of oats are widely available and are widely used for on-the-go breakfasts or ready-to-eat meals. Instant oats are pre-cooked and then dried out. Instant oats are often loaded with sugars, flours and preservatives to increase their shelf life and give them a better colour and texture so that they can be easily sold in the market, making them an unhealthier version of oats in comparison to other varieties.
True Elements Steel Cut Oats - healthy khichidi, diabetic friendly

Which Oats should you consume?

Rolled oats are considered the best choice when it comes to keeping in mind the nutritional value as well as cooking time. They can be easily cooked and have a softer texture which makes them the ideal option for on-the-go breakfast, smoothies, instant uttapams and much more. However, if you are looking to control sugar, and initiate weight loss then Steel oats are better as they are least processed and high in fibre thus keeping their nutritional value intact in raw form.

How to Identify Real Rolled Oats?

In order to check the quality and texture of oats we can use a Sieve test or a Dust Test. I have personally tested True Elements Rolled Oats with other ordinary oats available in the market. True Elements Rolled Oats are uniform in shape, size and texture and are free from powder whereas other oats are loaded with powder, and dust and are very flaky.

Why should you include oats in your diet?

Oats are a nutritional powerhouse, rich in antioxidants and fiber, aiding in weight management, lowering blood sugar, and providing essential minerals. They offer affordable and accessible nutrition, making them an ideal addition to a healthy diet.

Authored By: Nikita Kothari 

Clinical Dietitian Nutritionist/ Lifestyle Coach

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