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10 Tips for Healthy Ramadan Fasting

by True Elements 15 Mar 2024

Ramadan holds significant importance in the Islamic calendar as a month dedicated to spiritual contemplation, self-enhancement, and unwavering devotion to the almighty. Muslims all over the world observe Ramadan by fasting, praying, and engaging in acts of charity and kindness. During Ramadan fasting, it's vital to follow specific tips for staying healthy. Giving importance to both physical health and spiritual practices allows individuals to fully appreciate the essence and blessings of this sacred month.

Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated is the most crucial tip during fasting. Make sure to keep drinking water or fluids in the non-fasting period. Limit teas and coffees that are dehydrating. You can opt for Elaichi water/ Fennel water/ True Elements Chia or Basil seed water to keep your gut cool and hydrated for the long run during Suhoor. You can also opt for refreshments like Mint Lime Water/ Coconut Water/ Fresh fruit juices unsweetened and unstrained like melons and gourds or opt for True Elements Thandai Mix or Oats Shake as an ideal option for Iftaar.

Refreshing Chia lemon drink for summer with True Elements Chia Seeds

Avoid Fried Foods

Everybody loves the Seekhs, Samosas, Pakoras, or Kebabs. Since fried foods are loaded with oil, it makes them harder to digest, especially when they are foods eaten after a long fast. A better way to relish these would be baking or grilling them instead of frying and making healthy fillings. You can also opt for Grilled Chicken Tikkas or Air-fried chicken options. 

Healthy Air Fried samosa for iftar

Avoid Excess use of Salt and Spice Mix

The use of excess salts and a variety of spice mixes like biryani masala, chole masala or chaat masala leads to an increase in sodium intake and may cause a lot of water retention in the body and contributes to weight gain. Instead, you can switch to making your masalas at home using simple spices like chilli/cumin/turmeric/fennel/pepper/garam masala powder or add Middle Eastern spices like Sumac, Za’atar, Baharat, etc. to give it a traditional touch. You can use Raw mango/Pomegranate powder/Kokam /Tamarind/Lime/vinegar as a replacement for salt and add more flavour to your dishes as it can help balance sodium content.

Avoid Packaged / Frozen Food

To make life easy, we usually opt for ready-to-prepare foods and frozen foods like chicken nuggets, sausages, salami, chicken burger patty etc. are loaded with preservatives and salts that cause a lot of water retention, acidity, and bloating issues and increase dehydration in the long run. Try making your foods in weekly batches if there's a need to use your homemade masalas and dressings to save time and eat healthier.

Avoid Sugary Desserts and Drinks

We cannot end our day without relishing desserts and opt for falooda/firni/custards, but their packaged versions cause glucose spikes and ultimately cause fat deposition. The best way is to opt for sugar-free, stevia or jaggery based versions of these and pair them up with High fibre-healthy fat sources like Nuts and Seeds as they help in sustained glucose release and manage your energy levels adequately.

Eat a Carb-Protein Combination

Carbohydrates are converted into sugars and can eventually take their toll on your body long after you’ve finished eating. Try to opt for complex carbohydrates like multigrain roti/ bread/ brown rice and ensure you pair them with protein-rich foods like beans, lean meat, eggs, or dairy products to balance the meal.

Chicken roll with multigrain roti tp maintain Carb protein Ratio

Workouts during Ramadan

  • Pre-Workout- Have 1 Bowl of fruits and a scoop of Creatine to improve your stamina, charge yourself up for the workouts, and avoid fatigue.
  • Post Workout- Have a protein-rich meal that is egg/chicken/dairy/legumes/dal/ fish based or a scoop of whey protein to improve muscle retention and faster muscle recovery.
A woman working out


Start your SUHOOR with Detox water for gut cleansing and improved metabolism, followed by a Carb+ Protein+ Fibre rich meal to help in sustained glucose release to balance energy levels throughout the day. Do end your Suhoor with 3-4 overnight soaked Elaichi water as it holds up water in your body and prevents dehydration.


Consuming a High-calorie meal for Iftaar generally causes bloating/acidity/gut health issues and deranged metabolism. Hence, switch to having a lighter Iftaar. You can start your iftar with Dates like Amber, Ajwa, Kimia, or  True Elements Omani Dates  and a bowl of mixed fruits to give yourself a good rush of energy. Do pair it up with hydrating drinks like Mint Lime Water, Chia/Basil jaggery Sharbat or opt for  True Elements Thandai Mix/Oats Shake.  

A Day Into Ramadan

  • Start Suhoor with Detox water (mint/fennel/lime water) to improve hydration & gut cleansing
  • Opt for a Well balanced Suhoor Meal- Include Vegetable options (like sabzi/salad/sauteed vegs./veg curry) + Protein sources (like eggs/grilled chicken/non-veg curry/ dals/legumes curry/curd/paneer) + Whole grain Cereals sources (like Multigrain roti/bread/ brown rice/millets )
  • End your Suhoor with 3-4 soaked Elaichi to prevent dehydration
  • Have a light Iftaar - 1 date + 1 Katori fruits + True elements chia/basil-lime juice/oats smoothie
  • Green tea- consume it 1hr after iftar for improved metabolism
  • Have a Protein-Rich and low-Carb Dinner like Non-veg Curry/Dals/Legumes Curry/Curd + Sauteed Veggies/sabzi/salad.
  • End your day with chamomile tea/low-fat turmeric ashwagandha milk for improved circadian rhythm
  • Drink at least - 3-3.5L water in the non-fasting period every day.
tea glass with dates and beads on a tray

Authored by: Dt. Zunera Khan, Clinical Dietitian & Nutritionist,

Mumbai Team Leader & Pro Medical Coach
at HealthifyMe
MSc – Diabetes & Cardiac Nutrition,
Expert in IBS & Mental Health Disorders,
Certified Diabetes Educator &
Certified Bariatric Nutritionist

Dietitian Zunera Khan
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