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10 Tips to keep your kids healthy during summer

by True Elements 04 May 2024

Kids' summer vacations are often filled with excitement and possibilities! It's a great time for them to recharge, explore new interests, and have fun with friends and family. Summer camps, trips to amusement parks, outdoor activities like swimming and hiking, and family vacations are all popular options. It's a time for making memories that they'll cherish for years to come. But always remember, eating healthy and nutritious food during summer vacations is utmost important, and keeping up with kids' demands is most difficult. I've got you covered. I am giving you 10 tips, tricks, and easy recipes for your kids to include and keep them healthy.

True Elements have a range of Shakes and healthy snacking options that are healthier alternatives to commonly available Sugar loaded shakes, for example: True Elements Millet Shake and True Elements Oats Shake Jaggery can be used which will keep you full for longer and healthy as well. Example : True Elements Chia Seeds can be used for making puddings that will keep kids full for long. 

Healthy eating during summer vacations is crucial for kids for several reasons:

  • With the hot weather, kids need to stay hydrated. Encouraging them to drink plenty of water, electrolytes, and eat hydrating foods like fruits and vegetables helps prevent dehydration.
  • Summer often means more outdoor activities, which require energy. Healthy meals and snacks provide essential nutrients to support their growth and keep their energy levels up.
  • Exposing kids to new environments during vacations can increase their risk of getting sick. Nutrient-rich foods help support their immune systems, reducing the chances of falling ill.
  • Vacations can disrupt regular meal schedules, but maintaining some consistency in eating habits helps kids feel grounded and ensures they're getting the nutrition they need.
  • Teaching kids to make healthy food choices during vacations sets a foundation for lifelong habits. It's an opportunity to show them that nutritious food can be delicious and satisfying, even during fun times like vacations.

10 Tips for Summer Vacations:

• Include plenty of fruits and vegetables:

Offer a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables to provide essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for optimal health.My suggestion: Include True Elements Chia Seeds and True Elements Basil Seeds.

• Hydrate with water: 

Encourage your kids to drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated, especially in hot weather or during physical activities.

• Limit sugary drinks: 

Minimize consumption of sugary beverages like soda, fruit juices, and sports drinks, as they can contribute to excess calories and dental issues.

My suggestion: Include True Elements Thandai Mix, True Elements Millet Shake, True Elements Oats Shake Jaggery.

​Girl sipping healthy fruit juice during summer

• Choose healthy snacks:

Opt for nutritious snacks like yogurt, nuts, seeds, whole-grain crackers, or fresh fruit instead of processed snacks high in sugar, salt, or unhealthy fats.

*My suggestion: Include True Elements Crunchy Minis and True Elements Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate.

• Balance meals:

Ensure meals are balanced with a combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats to provide sustained energy and promote satiety.

• Plan outdoor picnics:

Pack healthy picnic foods such as sandwiches with whole-grain bread, vegetable sticks with hummus, and fresh fruit for a fun and nutritious outdoor meal.

• Involve kids in meal prep: 

Engage your kids in meal planning and preparation to teach them about healthy eating and encourage them to try new foods.

Kids playing games during summer vacations

• Be mindful of portion sizes:

Pay attention to portion sizes to prevent overeating and promote healthy weight management.

• Limit processed foods: 

Minimize intake of processed and packaged foods high in added sugars, unhealthy fats, and sodium, and opt for whole, minimally processed options instead.

My suggestion: Include True Elements Oats Shake Dark Choco.

• Set a good example: 

Serve as a positive role model by making healthy food choices yourself and creating a supportive environment that encourages healthy eating habits for the whole family.

Bonus Healthy Recipe

Tiramisu Chia Seeds Pudding


  • 1-2 tbsp True Elements Chia Seeds
  • 250 ml choice of milk
  • 2 tsp coffee powder
  • Mix fruits of choice
  • 2 tbsp chocolate granola


  • Soak True Elements Chia Seeds in milk either overnight or for 1-2 hours and keep it in the fridge. Add coffee powder and jaggery, and mix well.
  • It will form like a jelly. Mix it well.
  • Add toppings of fruits, granola, and nuts of choice.
Tiramisu Chia seeds pudding

Authored By: Ambika Setia

Credential: Nutritionist at Apollo Spectra Hospitals

Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach Ambika Setia, is former healthy baker and promotes healthy balance eating. 

Nutritionist Ambika Setia
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