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We wish the ingredients label could speak to you. If that had been the case knowing what goes into your food would have been so easy. Moreover, you would have been surprised to know that some "healthy" foods contain things that don't even sound like food. Unfortunately, labels don't talk. The onus is on you to read through the label and figure out whether the product that has “healthy” written on the front is truly “healthy” or not. And let's be honest, that's too much effort, isn't it? What if someone spoke about it loud & clear? Someone who doesn’t limit the information to labels but says it openly & directly across all platforms. That’s us. True Elements. A truly “healthy” breakfast & snacks brand. A brand that makes food that does not lie. We don’t sugarcoat the truth. We’re upfront about the ingredients that go in our food. Because you should know it, and we tell you what you need to know.


Our products cater to you at 8 am as a filling breakfast to start your day with. At 11 am, on days when you miss breakfast or feel more hungry. And at 5 pm, as snacks to munch on along with your favourite beverage & office gossip.
Healthy Eating

Ready to cook out of the pack. Keeps you full for hours.
Oats, steel cut oats, Multigrain oats, Jowar flour & more.

Quick Fix

Extremely convenient. Ideal for those who are always on a run.
Muesli, Dry fruits, Jowar poha, Jowar upma & more.

Healthy Indulgence

For guilt-free munching.
Flavored nuts, mini bites, Chocolate Granola, Pancakes & more.

Best Sellers

Rolled Oats - Protein rich oats
Rs. 180.00
Rs. 200.00
Rs. 180.00
7 in 1 Super Seeds Mix (28.1g Protein)
Rs. 149.00
Rs. 149.00
Rs. 149.00
Raw Chia Seeds - Best for Summer
Rs. 149.00
Rs. 199.00
Rs. 149.00
9 in 1 Snack Mix (20.7g Protein)
Rs. 149.00
Rs. 149.00
Rs. 149.00

Not made of gold, but not less valuable than gold either. 


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