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Ultimate Guide to Different types of Oats

by True Elements 12 Aug 2023

Oats are a quick, convenient go-to cereal offering a whole host of health benefits. In the context of Indian cooking, umpteen recipes can be formulated using this wonder grain. Be it Poha, Cheela, Uttapam or even the traditional Idli and Dosa, oats can be incorporated or even replace the traditional grains. My kitchen is usually packed with the number of varieties of oats True Elements offers, so I can take a call if I am craving for a sweet or savoury breakfast.

Speaking from a nutrition point of view oats, contain a soluble fibre called Beta-glucan. This helps in lowering heart disease, reduces the absorption of cholesterol from food and also stimulates the immune system which helps in fighting off infection. 
They are naturally gluten-free however a lot of times they are processed in the same facility as grains containing gluten. Hence people with Celiac disease should be aware of the origin before consuming.

As consumers, we are spoilt for choice when we buy any product; the same is the case with oats. So here is a quick guide you can go through, so you can buy your oats according to your needs. True Elements is a brand I trust because of its high-quality produce and minimal or nil-added preservatives or chemicals.

Oats Groats

Oats Groats are whole grain oats with cereal germ and fibre-rich bran. They are not processed and are probably the healthiest and purest version of oats. They have a coarse texture and are quite chewy when cooked.

You can check True Elements Oats Groats as they are 100% Whole Grain. 

Steel Cut Oats

Steel Cut Oats are the closest to Oats Groats. They are minimally processed, and their texture is similar to that of the original groats with the outer shell removed. It takes about 15-20 minutes to cook and is generally recommended for people with diabetes. 
One must definitely try the True Elements Steel Cut Oats as they have a low glycemic index, and are suitable for people having diabetes.

Rolled Oats

Rolled oats are steamed groats that have been rolled or flattened in a processing plant. They have a smoother texture, better for those whose dietary needs tend to be more liquid and need not be chewed much.

One must try True Elements Rolled Oats as they are not powdery or dusty. It is rich in Fibre and thus Keeps You Full For Long!

Instant Oats

As the name suggests, Instant oats are the fastest to cook. They are flattened to a great degree and on cooking have a soft and mushy texture. You can opt for them if you are looking for a quick, on-the-go breakfast. Instant Oats by True Elements are a quick fix that keeps you full for a longer period of time. 

As a nutritionist, it is my responsibility to recommend only the best recipes and brands to my clients. I don’t have to look very far, and very easily ask them to look up the True Elements website. The cherry on the cake is that their products can be used to make mouth-watering flavourful recipes.
Here is one of my fibre rich high protein breakfast favourites:


    Soak 30 gms of Steel Cut Oats overnight in a milk of your choice ( dairy/ almond/oat).

  • Next day top the mixture with 1 tbsp. Pumpkin Seeds + 5 soaked almonds + 2 chopped dates and 1 banana
  • Enjoy!!

    Quick Easy and filling.A bowl of these Overnight Oats will keep you full till lunch. Thank you True Elements for making my life easy!

Authored By: Paroma Gulati

  • Certified Nutrition Counsellor
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