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Balancing PCOS Through Nutrition

by True Elements 26 May 2023

Almost 1 in 10 women suffer from PCOS. It is one of the most common causes of female infertility. PCOS, often known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome- is a hormonal disorder causing enlarged ovaries with smaller cysts on the outer edges.
PCOS may be caused by various factors such as:
● Genetics
● Poor lifestyle habits
● Inappropriate food choices
● Obesity
● Hormonal imbalance

It often leads to an increase in male hormones like Androgen, which suppresses ovulation and leads to problems related to infertility.
The most common symptoms of PCOS include:
● Irregular menses
● Inability to conceive
● Insulin resistance
● Hirsutism (Excessive hair growth)
● Acne

How can PCOS be treated?

Ideally speaking PCOS can never be cured but its symptoms can definitely be treated. If your symptoms are severe you must definitely consult a Gynaecologist or Endocrinologist who might prescribe you medications like Metformin which basically helps in controlling your insulin levels or Myo-Inositol that helps in maintaining your Androgen levels along with other supplementary medicines.
However if you have mild symptoms then you can adopt the following measures:
1. Weight reduction
2. Eating a balanced diet
3. Engaging in physical activity
4. Adopting lifestyle changes

It is extremely important that we eat balanced and nutritious food while dealing with PCOS.
Some of my favorite food choices are True Elements No Added Sugar Muesli, you can
combine it with skimmed milk and enjoy scrumptious breakfast topped with almonds and walnuts. You can also try True Elements 7-in-1 Seeds Mix that is loaded with the goodness of Sunflower, Chia, Pumpkin seeds and much more. You can directly consume them or can make a healthy smoothie or salad bowl using this combination.

Please remember that PCOS can be treated by following a healthy diet and implementing small changes that includes eating the right food in the right quantity at the right time along with regular physical activity.

Authored By: Nikita Shah

Clinical Dietitian & Lifestyle Coach

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