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Seed Cycling for Hormone Balance

by True Elements 04 Aug 2023

What is seed cycling?

Seed Cycling, a very fancy word these days, dates back to long back time. The idea of seed cycling, in layman's language, is consuming seeds like pumpkin, flax, sunflower, and sesame during the different phases of the menstrual cycle to regulate the cycles or to ease the PMS symptoms, which are very common these days due to the lifestyle and diet we follow.

How does seed cycling work? How does seed cycling support hormone balance?

So, first, let us understand how the menstrual cycle works and what happens to the hormones. There are 2 phases to understand the cycle. But, if we see it broadly there are 4 phases to it. 


  • Menstruating Phase (1-5/7 days) : This varies from person to person and is very normal.
  • Follicular Phase (5/7-14): The Estrogen hormone rises during this phase.
  • Ovulation Phase (10-14/16): In this phase, the ovary releases eggs where, if you are willing to get pregnant, these days are very important and crucial.


  • Luteal Phase (15-28/30): The Progesterone hormone rises during this phase. This phase depends from person to person.

Seeds consumption helps by promoting estrogen production in the first phase and progesterone levels during the second phase. When we eat seeds high in nutritional value that support the production of such hormones, our body starts balancing our irregular cycles. How and which seeds we eat during the cycle is what matters and plays a huge role in all the seed cycling terms. So, for the First Phase that is Day 1-14 of your cycle; which includes the day you start bleeding until 14 days from that date. You should consume 1 TBSP each of Flax Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds.

The second Phase is Day 15-30 of your cycle; you should consume 1 TBSP each of Sunflower and Sesame Seeds.

Who should try seed cycling?

Seed cycling, as the name suggests, is a cycle of involving seeds into your diet. Thanks to social media, we all know the importance and how seeds and superfoods are extremely beneficial for the body and hormones. I would highly say seeds are very helpful for Women’s Health, any and every woman/girl going through PCOS, PCOD, IRREGULAR PERIODS, UNBEARABLE PAINS DURING MENSTRUATION, MENOPAUSE (sometimes). Seeds can be consumed even for the overall health of a human being.

How to start seed cycling?

Seed Cycling when done in a correct way goes a long way in regularising your cycles and easing your PMS symptoms.

The way to include seed cycling can be done in two ways :

One – if you know about your cycle, start from the day you get your periods and follow the days to eat.

Second – if you do not know your last cycle date or if you have not got your periods for more than 2-3 months.

Sync it with the Moon Cycle.

When it’s a New Moon – you start with Flax and Pumpkin Seeds (from new moon to full moon; 15 days)

When it's full moon – you start with Sunflower and Sesame.

This is what you follow until you get your cycle. Once you get your cycle, you can follow the cycle phases and sync the seeds accordingly.

How can True Elements products help in Seed Cycling?

Seed Cycling, as you know, is basically including seeds in your daily routine to balance your hormones.

Note: Seed Cycling doesn’t work if you don’t do a couple of other things along with that which includes workout/exercises/yoga and a proper balanced nutritious meal.

True Elements has amazed me with the variety of seeds and oats they offer. What I love most about True Elements is how clean they are, unlike so many products out there in the market which have additives that cause more harm to the body than they do good.

They offer a variety of seeds in their single pack which is a great and easy way to start seed cycling, they also offer Rolled Oats for a healthy and fulfilling option for your breakfast.

True Elements Rolled Oats keep you full for a long and also don’t make you crave junk or sweets. I suggest True Elements to all my clients and use it myself too.

Authored By: Ambika Setia

  • Certified Nutritionist- Lifestyle Disorders, Gut Health Researcher, Hormone Balancing and Sports Nutrition
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