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5 Post Workout Snack Options

by True Elements 31 Jan 2024

Remember the three Rs when you think about a post-workout snack. Repair, Replenish and Restore. Repair the wear and tear of the muscles, Replenish the lost electrolytes and glycogen and Restore the fluids, protein and blood glucose levels.
The perfect post-workout snack will have the right balance of all the macro and micronutrients to achieve all three. Additionally, it helps if the snack is quick, easy to make and affordable on a daily basis.
My pantry is stocked with True Elements products ensure my post workout snack is pleasing to my taste buds and doesn’t take up a lot of time. Here are my top 5 snack I make right after a gruelling session:

  • True Elements Protein Oats chilla- amp up your regular chilla by making it with the True elements protein oats. Add vegetables to the batter and stuff it with paneer/tofu/shredded chicken.
  • True Elements chocolate peanut butter on true elements cereal biscuits. Just smear a spoonful of the delish gooey peanut butter on the crunchy True Elements Cereal Biscuit and you are good to go. Top it with True Elements Protein 7 seed mix if you want it to be extra crunchy

3. My favourite, take some leftover boiled chana . add bell peppers, pomegranate, cubed paneer, cucumber and coriander. Season with lime juice and chaat masala. Now for the fun part- add a generous amount of True Element Chatpata Mix and enjoy!!!
4. True Elements Master Chef egg sandwich- smashed boil eggs between two slices of multigrain. And the secret sauce is the crunch of True Elements 7-in-1 Seeds mixed with the eggs.
5. True Elements Protein Smoothie- Dunk True Element Protein Oats in almond milk and add the True Elements Trail mix in it as per your taste. Toasty tasty smoothie!!

Authored By: Paroma Gulati
Certified Nutrition Counsellor
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