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Best Foods To Eat For Fitness

Best Foods To Eat For Fitness

by True Elements 29 Dec 2022

If you are about to join the gym, or already subscribed to one, and just want a little direction on what foods to eat for fitness freaks like you then you have come to the right place. We are going to talk about what types of foods one should consume if fitness or workout is usually on your schedule. We will also touch base on pre-work and post-workout meals. The dos and don’ts you should follow to maintain a healthy steady workout routine. So, let's get started!

  1. 6 meals per day: Working out takes up a lot of energy, therefore, you need to get your body ready for what's coming for it. You will need to have 6 meals per day. It may sound too much but once you get into the habit of working out, you will figure that these meals will be keeping you energized. It also helps build muscle mass which may be one of your goals! The exact nutritional value of each meal will depend on your workout goal. It's best to ask your trainer about what exactly to consume for your personal 6 meal course.
  2. Whole Grain Cereal for Breakfast: Complex carbohydrates- take longer for the body to digest. You can consume whole grains such as quinoa, millets, whole-grain bread, brown rice, corn, etc. twin these items with fruits and green veggies for fibre and vitamins.
  3. Rolled oats shake: A rolled oats smoothie is great before a workout. It is high on protein and is a major energy booster that also helps in digestion and keeps you full for longer. The best part is that it can be your meal replacement & you can carry it out in your shaker on the go! No more skipping breakfasts!
  4. Banana: Bananas have 2x more carbs than other fruits on the table and therefore, it helps fuel a long workout session. This carbohydrate is swiftly digested by the body and then converted into energy that will help make your workout session much more enjoyable and efficient.
  5. Oatmeal: Oatmeals are great, especially for lengthy workouts. Having oatmeal before you start your session is ideal. You can also have oatmeal in the form of oatmeal cookies, just ensure you do not add a lot of sugar. If you wish to add something sweet, you could turn to natural sugar in the form of raw honey, fruits like berries, or jaggery.

Now that we have discussed foods that are great for working out. Let's talk about pre and post-workout: 

Pre-workout: protein crunchy minis, oatmeal, brown rice, bananas, and energy bars are great meals for pre-workouts.

Post-workout: while your body is rebuilding and re-growing, it is best to consume carbs, proteins, and fats. Namely, rice, potatoes, chocolate milk, fruits, animal/plant protein, avocados, nuts, seeds, trail mix, etc.

That was more or less an insight on how you can start preparing for your workout schedule more sustainably. Stay true to your routine. Understand what your body needs, and then plan your meals accordingly. Since everyone's body works differently. Stay True, Stay Hydrated & Stay Fit.

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