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Nutrition Education: Empowering People to Make Healthier Food Choices

by True Elements 13 Oct 2023

In a sea full of health information and food options it can be daunting to make correct and sound choices. Thus having a proper nutritional education is of extreme priority. Getting the basics right is always a struggle. When it comes to healthy living, a balanced diet is of key importance thus a dietary approach that provides the body with essential nutrients in the right proportions to support optimal health and well-being. A balanced diet is one which is equipped with complex carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals in the correct ratios that support one's health in the best way possible. 

To comprehend the importance of a balanced diet, it's essential to recognize the significance of essential nutrients. These vital components play diverse and critical roles in the body's overall functioning, making them indispensable for good health. Proper nutrition, especially during childhood and adolescence, is essential for healthy growth and development. Essential nutrients ensure that children reach their full physical and mental potential. A well-balanced diet rich in essential nutrients is also extremely important for the formation and maintenance of a good immune system. A good balanced diet along with vital nutrients would also be very important for cognitive health. Good metabolic health that ensures safety from metabolic diseases is also a by-product of a well-balanced diet that is not just healthy but closer to one's roots and more sustainable. This not only safeguards our health but will also be protective towards Mother Nature.

Enough said about the benefits of a balanced diet and essential nutrients, one must also be in a position to make that decision of choosing correctly, and that’s where nutritional education plays a key role. Starting in the primitive years through campaigns and exercises in schools to building up on the habit in adulthood will help one make the correct and well-informed decision. Empowering people with the art of reading the food labels correctly also helps them to make sound choices. Another very effective and easy way to make a better choice is to pre-plan your meals. Once you have better control over your schedule and eating patterns, the likelihood of making a wrong food choice would be left far behind.

That’s where True Elements has helped me and several others reach their goals in a sustainable manner. Age-old sugar-laden breakfast cereals can be swapped with the healthy True Elements Rolled Oats and Steel Cut Oats making a perfect complex carbohydrates and fibre-rich start to your day. It not only keeps you full for a longer time keeping you away from unnecessary snacking but also keeps your blood sugar levels steady and thus helps maintain your hormones better. Another example of a good breakfast choice would be easy to grab and eat True Elements No Sugar Added Muesli or Dark Chocolate Muesli which are clean and true to what the label suggests thus making them a wiser choice than their counterparts. And while the breakfast just got sorted, evening snacks are yet another problematic meal which we end up making a mess of. Thus choosing a product like True Elements Panch Ratna Mix which is a perfect blend of 5 healthy nuts and dried fruits for a like energy refill over a packet of chips will be a better choice always. Thus next time you eat, just be a little more aware and that will take you a long way.

Authored By: Dt. Niyati Naik

Consulting Clinical Dietitian 

Masters in specialized Dietetics, CDE

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