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Health Benefits Of The Superfood “Quinoa”

by True Elements 21 Aug 2023

Quinoa is one the most nutrient-dense foods which are naturally gluten-free and is a rich source of protein. It has very low-fat content and can be added to your diet in replacement to various foods such as white rice.

Quinoa is a pseudocereal that has been grown for thousands of years and it is grown basically for its seeds. It has been ranked as one of the most important superfoods because of its nutritional value.

Some of the health benefits quinoa provides us with are as follows:

Good source of proteins:

Quinoa is a highly rich protein superfood that consists of all essential nine amino acids. It consists of lysine, tryptophan and methionine. This makes it the best substitute for your protein shakes.

Weight loss:

Being a rich source of soluble and insoluble fibre, it has the ability to keep you satiated and reduce your unnecessary hunger pangs, thus preventing you from binge eating and helping you to manage weight.


It is a naturally gluten-free wonder food that is highly beneficial for people on a gluten-free diet. It can be consumed by those who suffer from gluten intolerance. It can be used in bakery items, pasta, etc. that contain gluten. It can also be used in replacement for corn, potato and other such foods.

Improves heart health:

Apart from the high protein content, it is also a rich source of carbohydrates that have a very low glycaemic index. It is also a good source of antioxidants and omega-3 and omega-4 fatty acids. Because it is rich in antioxidants, it can help kill the foreign particles which cause cell damage and prevent the hardening of arteries, thus improving heart health.

Boosts immune system:

The presence of insoluble fibre in this breakfast food helps in regulating bowel movements, prevent constipation, gastric disorders, etc. and eventually boost the immune system.

Improves bone health:

Calcium is basically made available from dairy and animal products. But it has almost a similar content of calcium as compared to dairy products. Calcium is an essential mineral that is necessary to increase mineral bone density and strengthen bone health. Hence, people who are intolerant of dairy products can add quinoa to their diet.

Keeps diabetes under control:

The vitamins and minerals, along with fibre, not only helps in managing the weight but also helps in lowering the blood sugar level and cholesterol, thus keeping diabetes under control.

Reduces the risk of gallstones:

Being a rich source of fibre, consumption of this superfood can prevent or reduce the secretion of bile juice which triggers the formation of gallstones.

Good source of magnesium:

Magnesium is good for bone health, it helps in controlling asthma, reduces the risk of osteoporosis, prevents the risk of heart diseases, etc. Hence, the body should be able to reach the daily requirement of magnesium to prevent such health issues. Quinoa is comparatively a good source of magnesium as compared to other grains.

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